Tutorial - Raqamiya Decred Stakepool



A Decred Wallet

  • Download Decrediton from the official Decred website here

Enough Decred Balance

  • Current ticket price
    ???? DCR

A Stakepool Account

  • You can easily register in our pool by navigating to the page here


Install Decrediton and set up your wallet

Download the Decrediton edition compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux). Install it, run the application and follow the steps to set up your wallet.


Prepare your Decred address

Using Decrediton, navigate to "Transactions" then the "Recieve" tab. Click on "Generate New Address" and copy the address generated, to use it in step 3.


Buy Enough Decred

You can buy Decred right here.
Pay using any of the available options on the list. In the "Recipient's DCR address" field paste your Decred address obtained in the previous step.


Register in our stakepool

Go to the sign up page, and register with our pool. We will send you an email with the confirmation link. Click on the confirmation link to confirm your registration.


Submit your API key

Using Decrediton, all you have to do is to go to the Tickets tab → from the available stakepools select decred.raqamiya.net → Paste the API from the settings page into the API Key field → that's it! Your wallet has been successfully connected to the stakepool!


Buy your tickets

Once you have imported your API key, the “Purchase Tickets” and “Voting Settings” pages will become active. Click on Purchase to navigate to the purchase panel. Most of the settings are already entered, you just need to select which account to purchase tickets from and how many tickets you want to buy.


Set your voting preference

Once you are connected to the stakepool and everything has been successfully set up, you can navigate to the voting page to specify your voting preferences on the current agendas open for voting. The preferences you set on this stakepool's voting page only affect the stakepool's voting wallets and not your own. If you wish to cast votes yourself, please review the official decred guides on How To Vote and Solo-Voting.


Using Command Line Suite?

Using Command Line Suite, you will have to submit your address manually → stakepool binds the addresses and generates the script which can be then found on the Address page → you can then import the 1-of-2 multisignature script both using command line.